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Its important to practise the guitar to improve.

A basic rule for practice is to warm-up then play something you know, followed by something you are working on and then play something new.

Please remember that too much playing especially when you are a beginner can really make your hands sore and can even give you blisters on both hands.

For children I’d recommend about 10 minutes three times a week. Older children and Adults can practise much more than this though please be aware that at the first sign of pain you should reduce the amount of playing that you are doing and consider if you need to take medical advice because of the risk of RSI.

There are many different techniques that can be practised many of which are listed below. I would always recommend doing stretches followed by a warm-up before practising.

Stretches and Warm-ups
EZ Chords
Open Chords
Power Chords
Barre Chords

Keep on practising!